Attended a family wedding in wakefield pq canada. beautiful venue with stunning views as overlooked a large valley. there had been thunder storms so some clouds present. with the moon and mars in the background along with the outside gazebo where some of the wedding guests gathered, looked as if it would make for great pictures.

saw lights in the distance but did not think anything of it. thinking about it after the fact though, there were no sounds – only the sounds of the wedding guests talking. although this was an isolated area, again did not think anything about it as there could have been other air traffic in the sky? the city of ottawa ontario was only 45 minutes away and bigger towns in pq surrounding us.

took the pictures and actually did not realize until reviewing them next day that objects in the sky were present. thought that these were reflections of the lights from the deck of the venue but when looking at them closely, to me looked a bit out of the ordinary.

this is when i noticed from the 3 pictures that the object looked to be coming towards us then reflection changed a bit as if it was slightly turned heading towards direction of the moon last picture closest to the moon is where i was able to zoom in and see the object's true form, a bit distorted but could actually see the shape of it. also looked as if there was an orb present in a couple of the pictures as well off to the right and below it.

after looking at the pictures and discovering what i believe was a true ufo, feel a bit eerie and know from my experience that this is real and is happening around our world. i do truly believe there is life beyond our planet and that people are not all crazy from the reports presented by hundreds of thousands of individuals.

from UFO Stalker