i was standing in my front yard with my dog at 9:30 pm. i thought i saw, off in the distance, an airplane on fire. it’s slowly descended for a few seconds and then it was immediately hovering over the roof of my house. it appeared to be a large glass- like globe about 30 to 35 feet in diameter. it was clear like glass. inside was a large flame approximately 15 feet tall. i stood there and watched in amazement. it was totally silent. then it floated over my house slowly and was gone. it was totally silent and emitted no heat. strangely, my dog did not seem to notice it. since that time i have looked for pictures for something similar to this and have not found anything. i am on no medication, i have never had hallucinations. i still feel a certain sense of disbelief, but i swear i saw this thing. even stranger, i asked them to visit me. no, i swear i am not crazy. i sit on my patio each night and gaze at the stars looking for constellations. just for the heck of it, i asked them to show themselves to me if they were really up there! and boy did i get results’, within a couple of weeks. if necessary i would be willing to pay for and take a polygraph test to prove that i saw this. i do not tell friends and family as they think i am crazy. i continue to ask but i have not seen anything like this since that date.
please let me know if other people have seen anything similar to this, so i will know that i am not losing my mind. thank you so much for all the good work you do
ronnie ( 70 year old female)

from UFO Stalker http://bit.ly/2FbwUuw