in august 1993 i was tent camping in a remote area of western ma. about 3 am i was awakened to what sounded to my mind like a car's squeaky fan belt. i was aware of white flashes on the tent walls about every 5 seconds. in my mind at the time, i attributed the flashes to an oncoming thunderstorm, and one did in fact pass about 30 minutes later, and by which time i was fully awake.

problem 1: i was out in the middle of nowhere. yes there was a road a couple hundred yards away, but having camped there a hundred nights or more, i never heard any traffic after around 11 pm. problem 2: after thinking about the flashing white lights, they seemed much too often for any thunderstorm, when the storm did arrive, the lightning was far less frequent.

about a week later, i noticed a bb-sized object just under the skin of the underside of my right forearm, between my elbow and wrist. i could easily pinch the skin and feel the object rolling between my fingers. there was no entry cut or point i could find. it was just all of a sudden "there". after a week or so, i decided i was sick of it, so i pinched/squeezed it extremely hard, about as hard as i could, and it finally exploded under my skin.

a couple years later (1996? 1997?), i was again camping, this time in july in remote vt. i was awakened again to the exact same squeaky fan belt sound, this time just at dawn, so around 4:45 am. i thought great, i can wake up my wife so she can hear it. i had told her about the previous incident, but she didn't really believe me, maintaining that there was no way there would be a car out in the middle of nowhere at 3 am. problem this time was, although my mind was awake and i wanted to wake her, i found i couldn't move. i didn't question it until later – it seemed totally natural at the time that i couldn't move. i then fell back asleep for a couple more hours. no flashing lights this time, but where i was ruled out the possibility of a car. the nearest road was 3/4 mile away and the fan belt sound was just as close as the first time.

these are the only two incidents i recall, although i do tend to have way more extraordinarily vivid dreams while camping. anyway, since these incidents were pretty much pre-internet, i researched in the library and found a book which associated the squeaky fan belt sound with ufo sightings, but i haven't been able to find that book since, nor can i find any reference associating the sound with the appearance of ufos anywhere on the internet.

so, can you help me confirm (or disprove) the connection? i'm hoping with your thousands of reports you can shed some light on these incidents for me. thanks in advance.

from UFO Stalker