Black Triangle Sighting in Schenectady, New York on 2019-08-12 23:15:00 – Huge black triangle ufo killed car.

At approximately 1115pm on 12aug19 i was headed out for my daily workout at the gym in my 2019 jeep grand cherokee. as i headed down the road in my neighborhood, my headlights flashed three times and then my engine died. i thought it was a mechanical issue after i turned ignition with no luck. i exited the vehicle to investigate under the hood for possible engine malfunction. as i got to the hood i looked over to see if neighbors were watching as it was late and embarrassing. i looked at the neighbors window and happened to glance up above their roof. i then witnessed a 100-200ft black rotating hovering triangle illuminated by an almost full moon approximately 50 feet above their roof. it was making a very faint whooshing sound like a fan does, with a slight mechanical hum. i quickly raced for my phone and looked back as i tried to get the camera app going. the object at this time proceeded to slowly start moving away. i then started to run on foot after it while filming. i am prior u.S. navy 20 year veteran. i worked on many base flight lines performing security and held a top secret sci security clearance. i lived in this neighborhood for 8 years and worked at the stratton airbase that is next to the house.

from UFO Stalker

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