I first noticed a gold outline coming through a dark cloud approximatly 1/4 mile from the east of my house. i was standing on my back deck at 11.30 pm. the object became more clear as it came closer towards me. it appeared to be a very large flat object. it was moving very slow until it was directly over my head and then stopped.
it stayed stationary for about 2 minutes. the object had a border around the outside with no breaks at all. inside the interior were 15 objects that looked like small (space ships) ? filling the inside of the square. they were shaped like a four leaf clover with one petlall missing. they were perfectly spaced . they had no tails, just two rounded wings and a round nose and flat from the wings back. the entire ship and cargo was a gold glowing color. the ship slowly moved to the south until i lost sight of it.

from UFO Stalker https://ift.tt/2Z0AMIf