UFO Sighting in Virginia Beach, Virginia on 2019-07-31 22:48:00 – Light or orb on water in stream

I am providing this picture because i can't explain it. it appears to be an orb of light, floating on the surface of the stream behind my property. it seems to be casting its own reflection, so i wouldn't think it can be explained away as a reflection of the moon. it also seems to be casting some light onto the nearby vegetation. this picture was captured with a game camera, which is affixed to a tree, whereby the picture was taken automatically by virtue of motion triggering the camera. camera is a wildgame innovations terra ir trail camera, 10mp, 10 megapixels. the camera puts a date and time stamp on each digital photo. it's a nightime photo, it was taken at 10:48 p.M. on july 31, 2019, in virginia beach, virginia, usa. duration is unknown. i have many other photos from my game camera, including many photos of wildlife; prior to this date and also afterwards; but no other photos are even similar to this; nothing like this has shown up in any other photos. based on comparison to other photos taken from the same vantage point with the same target area, it appears that the orb of light is about the size of a basketball, or just slightly larger, or maybe the size of a beach ball. water level of this stream fluctuates, primarily with rainfall, but maybe due to tides to a minor degree; and the water level in this photo is higher than it usually is. this stream flows into a tributary of lynnhaven bay. both banks of the stream are heavily wooded enough so that houses in the area wouldn't be projecting this intense of a light onto the stream.

from UFO Stalker https://ift.tt/2OVhXT5

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