UFO Sighting in Airway Heights, Washington on 1990-07-18 14:23:00 – I saw a disc like object come up from behind some mountains hover for about25 seconds or so then with unearthly speed shoot off.

I was locked up at airway heights near spokane washington. i had shaved my head that day before going out to yard. while out at yard some fellas and i were playing hockey sack. i was facing east towards the mountains and something caught my eyes, it was disk looking and it came up from in back of the mountains i'm guessing maybe around lake cord'elane area. it was quite always off but clearly visible to me. it hovered there for 30 to 40 seconds then shot off in a south eastern trajectory with a speed uncomprehensible. i do not know the exact date but it can be verified in my doc file cause the next day i had such a bad burn on my head that i got an infraction for what they called self mutilation, which i thought was a sunburn. my head blistered and popped that night. was it a counincident ? i do not know. i never really told anyone thinking that i'd be considered a whacko of sorts, i have only told a few people of that incident but after seeing your show and finding out i'm not the only one. i know for a fact we do not possess the technology to go that fast nor would a human survive that amount of g force that i saw that thing travel at? i am hoping that if what i saw that day which can be verified by the facts i've told here in this report, that maybe someone else saw it and has come forward as well.

from UFO Stalker https://ift.tt/3066Ve3

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