UFO Sighting in Georgetown, Indiana on 2019-09-10 20:00:00 – Round dark object observed, hovering, later ascended directly up. remained, reflecting light from sunset

At around 8pm, an individual was bird watching and, through binoculars, happened to observe a round, dark object that was stationary in the evening sky. it remained at a lower altitude long enough for individual 1 to show individual 2 what he had seen. individual 2 went to get individual 3 who had a telephoto camera. by the time individual 3 was able to get their camera, the object had ascended, directly upward, as observed by individual 1 who had continued to observe the object. at a very high altitude a gleam could be observed at the place the object had ascended to. it may have been a star or the object reflecting light from the setting sun. unfortunately, due to the later altitude and the fact that individuals 1 and 2 did not have suitable cameras, no documentation took place.

from UFO Stalker https://ift.tt/2Q31MDI

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