( For even more information, please review the annotated Admiral Thomas Wilson document at the following link: )

Over the past couple years, in great part due to the efforts of the members of the To The Stars Academy, general awareness of the absolute, irrefutable reality of the visitation of our planet by intelligently controlled non-terrestrial vehicles has increased significantly. This realization includes that the technology utilized by these craft far exceeds that of the declassified "white world" by orders of magnitude. Beyond the paradigm shattering recognition that other intelligent life forms exist, the performance of these vehicles clearly prove that the so-called immutable laws of physics are at best incomplete and at worst flat out wrong in many regards. The previously immutable forces of gravity, mass, and inertia can be engineered in a practical manner: a fact that has extreme ramifications for the future survival of our species. Moreover, the physics phenomena utilized by these craft may allow for unlimited cheap and clean energy production. However, these truths are in no way new or novel to certain individuals within the military industrial complex.

Emerging evidence from sources such as the Admiral Thomas Wilson Document confirm that the UFO subject is managed to a great extent by corporate entities and select individuals who control the "black program" infrastructure of the Department of Defense. The members of the Senior Review Group (who represent the leadership of the Special Access Program Oversight Committee) are the primary decision makers that oversee the creation, cancellation, staffing, categorization, funding, security protocols, and other issues of these highly classified programs. In fact, they decide what information is reported to the "gang of eight" – the short list of committee chairmen in the congress and senate that have a statutory right to be briefed on all SAPs in existence. The higher the classification of a project, the less, by law, is required to be shared: degrading from actual documentation and budgetary figures to a simple verbal briefing.

The Admiral Thomas Wilson document has revealed to us that much of the study and reverse engineering of the acquired ET hardware and biological specimens (corpses) has been performed by a group of four separate but connected unacknowledged Special Access Programs. Instead of being listed among other waived or caved out programs, these are buried even deeper to further obscure them from those who may investigate. Perhaps seventy years old, these principle – there may be others – programs have had the time to develop methods to hide and protect themselves: keeping the reality of crash recoveries and the overall UFO phenomena suppressed. But the fact is we now know without a doubt they exist and which group(s) within the Department of Defense they interface with. This is extremely valuable information that cannot be downplayed. By looking back at the long list of who has served on these key committees and who they reported to, we can identify who likely was involved in the overseeing of these programs. This is all public information that can be obtained with a minimum of searching on the internet. Not only could their identities be useful to researchers, but also congressmen and senators who may seek to be officially briefed on these programs.

Even more significantly, we now know that Tom Delonge's primary adviser, Gen. William Neil McCasland would have been in the exact position at one point during his career to have full knowledge of these different programs. When General McCasland is usually mentioned in regards to his association with To The Stars Academy, it's mentioned that he was stationed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base – a location where the wreckage from Roswell was taken and Dr. Vannevar Bush ran a crash recovery program throughout at least the early fifties. What's far more significant is that on his official record we can see he was the Director of Special Programs for OUSDAT (Office of the Under Secretary for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics). This would have automatically made him the Director of SAPCO (Special Access Program Coordination Office), the Executive Secretary of SAPOC (Special Access Program Oversight Committee), and would have given him a very important leadership position on the Senior Review Group. All of these various "hats" given to the Director of Special Programs gives him the responsibility to report directly to the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense who, along with the Under Secretary of Defense, would make the final decisions about all the various SAPs being funded. No Special Access Program would have been outside of Gen. McCasland's jurisdiction: he would have been an overseer of them all. This goes for anyone who has held the position of Director of Special Programs since 1994 when Secretary Perry reorganized the way the Department of Defense organized their classified programs.

When Tom Delonge has stated "the general" is a very important person, he was not kidding or making the statement lightly. This individual along with other primary advisers such as Robert F. Weiss (the former Vice President of Lockheed and a Director of Skunkworks) admitted to him that not only Roswell and other crash recoveries happened, but that we've cracked anti-gravity. For someone who held Gen. McCasland's position to share such information with Delonge is a serious matter. There's no way his decision could have been made in a vacuum. Can you imagine what his former colleagues would have said to him if he had made such a decision without their input? They would have been stunned beyond belief that he'd risk the security of these UFO related Special Access Programs by speaking with Tom Delonge. Obviously, there was some sort of coordination that took place.

To The Stars Academy is fully aware of these four Special Access Programs along with potentially others that have been in operation for many decades – even if most of their members do not have access. Eric Davis has admitted that AATIP, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, also found these SAPs during the course of their work. The fact that they do not publicly acknowledge these Special Access Programs during mainstream media interviews or during their televised programming is appalling. Although their slow drip feed is expected (Tom Delonge warned us about it on more than one occasion), it's not acceptable. The UFO cover up as perpetuated by these SAPs, their management in the DoD, and the corporate world is unacceptable. Corporations such as Lockheed Martin, the membership of the SAPOC, and the remnants of MJ12 do not have the right to control such a topic with such important ramifications for every human being on the face of the planet. This oligarchy must be exposed and the power and authority transferred over the democratically elected representatives.

All efforts must be made to inform not only members of the public but congressmen, senators, and other officials as to the existence of these programs and the ramifications of the cover up. They must also be made aware of the logical implications of what has likely already transpired. For example, with billions of dollars in annual funding, it's rational to believe that many well-funded efforts were made to contact and have a dialog with the extraterrestrial species visiting our planet. This is a diplomatic manner of extreme importance that should have been controlled by the democratically elected governments of the world: not power mad, rogue cabals.

The Project Managers of the Special Access Programs and their leadership in both the Department of Defense and the corporate world must be brought before congress to reveal everything they know about the extraterrestrial visitation of Earth and to give an account of their actions. These hearings must be completely public. To regain the trust of the citizens of the world after ths exhaustive campaign of secrecy, disinformation, and dishonesty is exposed, the full history of the cover up and the truth about all issues related to the UFO/ET reality must be made completely available to the public. Anything less will allow the resulting wound to fester and grow more infected until the level of distrust grows to a level that induces massive social disruption. After the ultimate "conspiracy theory" is revealed as not only factual but the tip of a much larger iceburg, the government must suture the laceration with every scrap of documentation available to them. We must make it clear that we demand every video, radar tape, photograph, material analysis, transcript of communication, and every historical record they hold in their secret vaults. Nothing can be withheld from the public: not a single autopsy or flight test of an ET craft. Anything less than this will only allow further suspicion to grow among a population that is already attempting to deal with the new world they have awakened into. The transition from a limited, likely lifeless universe to one filled with a galactic ecology of intelligent species will be a critical yet challenging moment in the history of humanity. We cannot allow those who have already lied to and deceived the world to make it any more difficult by continuing to play their games of secrecy.

The UFO community is advised to utilize the truths that have been revealed by the Adm. Thomas Wilson document and other sources to push for all UFO related SAPs to be revealed openly to the public. To make this happen, we must prioritize our efforts so we can fully utilize the knowledge we have received and not waste time on less important matters.

1) We must distribute the Admiral Thomas Wilson document, including the annotated version, to as many prominent individuals as possible. Not only should we send copies to all of our friends, relatives, and co-workers, but we should make sure it's distributed to elected officials and policy makers. The people with the power to make change happen MUST see this document and the implications must be explained to them. This is the most important tool the UFO community has ever received due to the core secrets it contains. If used appropriately, it can effect massive change!

2) The fact that Gen. William Neil McCasland of To The Stars Academy, Tom Delonge's principle adviser who admitted to him crash recoveries have occurred and anti-gravity has been cracked, was on the Senior Review Group of the Special Access Program Oversight Committee must be spread across the world. This is of critical importance. The fact that he was positioned at Wright Patterson AFB after his sent as Director of Special Programs for OUSDAT is trivial. What really matters is that when he was on the Senior Review Group, he was in a position of management and authority over every last Special Access Project in existent: this includes both ordinary SAPs, unacknowledged SAPs, waived/carved out SAPs, and the special group of SAPs that Adm. Thomas Wilson discovered. In fact, one of Gen. William McCasland's predecessors in the Senior Review Group was involved in the decision to deny Adm. Thomas Wilson access to these projects!

The important message here is that Gen. McCasland and other advisers of TTSA, including Robert F. Weiss of Lockheed Martin, know a hundred times more than what was revealed by the "Unidentified" television series. They are fully aware of Roswell, the string of subsequent crash recoveries (Eric Davis and Hal Puthoff have admitted on the radio that there were many), successful reverse engineering, and even many other issues such as the very real abduction phenomena. To The Stars Academy must end their drip feed and disclose all of this to the public. One completely candid interview with Gen. William McCasland could end the UFO/ET cover up once and for all.

3) We must focus the bulk of our research into the clandestine world of Special Access Programs, the corporate entities they are involved with, and the committees which manage them in the Department of Defense (the Special Access Program Oversight Committee and especially the Senior Review Group). It's at this nexus where the SAPs interface with the military to receive their funding that we can potentially uncover key truths about their operation. One important topic of research would be a study of all the individuals who have held the position of Director of Special Programs for OUSDAT due to the fact they held a key leadership position.

As we move on and pursue the above, we must remember that the powers that control the UFO cover up would prefer for us to fight and bicker among ourselves rather than focus our energies on exposing their programs and actions. If we truly desire for the truth of the UFO/ET reality to be revealed, then we must do whatever it takes to cooperate with one another and avoid needless conflict. Disclosure is more important than righting personal grievances: to end the atrocity that is the UFO cover up we must all be ready to make sacrifices which includes keeping our mouth shut even when someone offends us. We are like grasshoppers to the powers that control the UFO/ET cover up; however, if we don't waste our energy arguing with each other and utilize the most powerful tool in the universe, THE TRUTH, then the dream of disclosure can become reality. Thankfully, due to the Adm. Thomas Wilson document, we have that tool at our disposal.

Will you use it?

If so, please distribute these memorandum.

PS: Here is a link to a special annotated version of the Admiral Thomas Wilson document with added information that reveals at least three secrets about the document.

PS: Here is a list of 13 Director of Special Programs for OUSDAT. 1) BRIGADIER GENERAL RALPH H. GRAHAM 1992 – 1993 2) MAJOR GENERAL MICHAEL C. KOSTELNIK June 1994 to September 1995 3) MAJOR GENERAL WILLIAM F. MOORE December 1995 – September 1998 4) MAJOR GENERAL MARSHAL WARD September 1998 – September 2001 (At least until this date.) (There is a gap between September 2001 and February 2006. I have not been able to find information on who served during this time period as Director of Special Programs.) 5) MAJOR GENERAL PAUL G. SCHAFER February 2006 – July 2008 6) LIEUTENANT GENERAL CD MOORE July 2008 – June 2009 7) MAJOR GENERAL WILLIAM NEIL MCCASLAND June 2009 – May 2011 *Please note that Gen. William McCasland is/was Tom Delonge's first adviser who helped organize his team and admitted to him that Roswell and crash recoveries happened. 8) MAJOR GENERAL THOMAS J. MASIELLO MAY 2011 – 2013 9) BRIGADIER GENERAL RICHARD S. STAPP July 2013 – November 2014 10) BRIGADIER GENERAL DAVID B. BEEN March 2015 – August 2016 11) MAJOR GENERAL JOHN P. HORNER July 2016 – May 2018 12) MAJOR GENERAL DAWN DUNLOP 2018 – May 2019 13) AF COLONEL BRUCE MONROE May 2019 – (DUNLOP'S Interim Replacement)

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