X-Zone Broadcast Network – Jim Willis

Jim Willis, author of Lost Civilizations: The Secret Histories and Suppressed Technologies of the Ancients, published by Visible Ink, was this week’s guest. Although his book didn’t do more than touch on the idea of Ancient Astronauts, that was sort of the theme that I explored with him. You can listen to the show here:

I did start with something of a snarky comment, asking him what sort of background he had in anthropology and archaeology. His bio suggested that his professional education had been in music and theology. He did say that he had taken some courses in archaeology over the years. I had asked the question

Jim Willis

because, in his book, he had suggested that archaeologists didn’t pay much attention to the myths of the past. Willis thought these myths might provide clues to archaeological discoveries. I suggested that archaeologists do use those myths as part of their research when appropriate.

We talked about the Clovis people who inhabited an area around Clovis, New Mexico, some 13,000 years ago. But Willis pointed out that a Clovis site had been found on the east coast and was dated some what earlier than the original site. There were suggestions in the material recovered there that connected it to France. Traditional archaeology hasn’t completely accepted this theory but certainly has its supporters.

I wanted to explore the location of Atlantis, being a fan of the Minoan culture and the destruction of Santorini as model for the Atlantis myth. Willis thought that the Caribbean, with some of the islands such as Cuba as the remnants of Atlantis.

We also took something of a flyer as Willis talked about fossil fuel, or rather evidence of global warming had been found in ice cores of the world long ago that suggested a use of fossil fuels in antiquity. He suggested this might be the result of other civilizations creating a situation not unlike that we have today. I suggested that the Milankovitch Cycles might be an alternative explanation for some of this.

During the conversations, we did discuss how the ancients had moved such big stones in building their monuments or pyramids with such precision. The point is that there are some things that we just don’t know for certain, though there are theories to cover the points.

Next week I will be talking with Jan Harzan of MUFON fame. If you have questions for him, append them in the comments section and I’ll get to them.

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