To The Stars Academy: Advanced Research – A $30,000,000 Quest for Real Science or Someone Selling Magic Beans? – You Decide…

In wake of the resent announcement of the US Army's reciprocal, 5 year, $750,000 research parity deal Thomas DeLong's To The Stars Academy of Arts & ScienceTTSA – is stepping up the sales pitch. $5.00 USD per share, minimum investment $350.00.

According to TTSA's Offering Circular – since July 12th 2019 DeLonge has been looking to offload 6,000,000 shares of Class A Common Stock – at $5.00 a pop that's a cool $30,000,000.

Not actually a half bad return on the basis of an investment TTSA's CEO Thomas DeLong himself actually billed his own company $35,000 for –

So what are we really looking at here? The Securities and Exchange Commission require all public equity company's floating shares to fully disclose risk. Here in TTSA's own words are the guarantee's you can be assured your minimum $350.00 investment will bring you:

This company has a very limited operating history. TTS AAS was incorporated in February 2017, and although the Entertainment Division, on-going through our subsidiary TTS, has been an operating business for several years, since February 2017 we have been expanding into completely new businesses. Our Aerospace and Science Divisions have no current customers and no revenues. There is limited historical information upon which an evaluation of our past performance and future prospects in the entertainment industry can be made. Moreover, our business model is new and evolving and is based on our mission. It is unclear at this point which of any of our current and intended plans may come into fruition and if they do which ones will be a success. Many of our current and intended plans are new and have no track records. Part of our current plan is to develop and innovate, and we will continue to modify our business model based on our mission, our experience, and opportunities. We cannot offer any assurance that these or any other changes will be successful or that they will not result in harm to the business

In a nutshell, not a single one. But it gets even better the same literature goes on to say: "The offering price has been arbitrarily set by the company and the valuation is high" – which basically translates, for those who don't speak Accountant, that the current share price set doesn't actually reflect market value: it's basically the people willing to invest on these speculative terms that ultimately set the true share value on the open market – all of which is a very long winded way of trying not to tell you – currently – the Company probably isn't worth the $30,000,000 it's looking to raise and even a cursory glance at TTSA's filed accounts would appear to agree:

As a result of the foregoing factors, the company’s net loss from operations decreased 9% to $5,138,098 for Interim 2019 compared to a net loss of $5,653,478 for Interim 2018.

Now, pseudo-science may not be many peoples strong suit- especially when people are telling you something you believe about UFO's and want to be true – but a $30,000,000 flotation of a company with an ongoing net loss $5,138,098 – surely this must be telling you, whatever the claims to the contrary here: the motivation in this venture is monetary, plain and simple. Surely…?

Show me I'm seeing this wrong, tell me I've got the wrong end of the stick – convince me TTSA are genuinely only interested in exerting only a "positive effect for society by engaging in scientific and engineering research and development" as their sales literature says – or are these boys selling seriously expensive snake oil and expecting ordinary believers like you to foot the bill necessary to fund the likes of Thomas DeLonge and Co's already comfortable lifestyles?

Please, lets talk…

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