Does anyone know what it might be?

Okay so first things first English is not my mother tongue so cut me some slack :). This happened about two years ago in my grandparents’ village. It was summer night and I was with my cousin. Whenever him and I meet up there we always go through some astronomic or philosophic topics. That night I wanted to show him the cool new app that I downloaded called Night Sky. Basically you point your phone at the sky and you see all the stars and their constellations, satellites, planets etc. We were laying on two blankets and we observed the sky with Night Sky. With the corner of my eye I noticed a bright white object that I thought was moon so I dismissed it. As I pointed my phone to the opposite direction from that bright object my app showed me the moon. I looked and there it was. I turned around and there was that object that was clearly not Moon (remember that it was a stationary object, no movement whatsoever). So we looked at it and we weren’t freaked out since it was just standing there. We were looking at it for like two minutes and theorized what it could’ve been. Then the bright object started moving. As if it spotted us it started moving up and away from us if you know what I mean. Its speed wasn’t changing, it looked like it was moving slowly but even rockets look slow when they take off. After about 30 seconds we couldn’t see it anymore. And that’s about it. So the reason why this bothers me so much is that it wasn’t moving when we first saw it (so it’s not a meteorological balloon or something). It was just standing there for like two minutes and the it started moving. So if anyone has any idea feel free to type it. Cheers! 🙂

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