Might’ve just seen A UFO in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania…

So it’s 2:39 in the morning right now and about 10 minutes ago I spotted a big orange light in the sky that was staying completely still, just flickering as if it was a really big star or a planet very far away. However I’ve never seen a star or planet this big and this orange color before. Also I should note that I’m on the 22nd floor of a dorm building on the University of Pitt campus. With the fog and the city lights I can’t see any stars in the sky, which is why I thought it was so weird I could see this one. So I kept watching it for like 2 minutes then out of nowhere it started moving about as fast as a plane to the left. There’s no way this thing was in space… for how fast it looked like it was moving it would have to be moving so fucking fast if it was that far away in space, especially for going from a velocity of 0 to instantly moving at the velocity it was. Like there was no speed up or anything… it instantly started moving from rest. Also as it kept moving in the sky it went behind some clouds and quickly fizzled out. But before it completely fizzled out it kinda blinked or flashed and I could briefly see the light through the cloud, which made it seem like it was right behind the cloud.

I don’t know what this could’ve been… I’m just kinda in shock because I’ve always wanted to witness something like this and seeing some weird object in the sky start moving that fast from rest with no acceleration is fucking crazy. Sorry if there are any typing errors I’m doing this on my phone and in a rush because I need to get to sleep.

If anyone else witnessed this around the Pittsburgh area or witnessed anything like this please let me know, thanks.

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