Red Orb Sighting from the 90s in Rural Nova Scotia

A lot of my relatives live out in the small Cape Breton fishing village of Pleasant Bay. My cousin living there has always told me about the "strawberry" UFO people saw back in 1993. Maritimes are known to stretch the truth a little bit but one summer I started asking other people about it and a concrete story came together.

This happened at around 4am on a spring morning in 1993 during crab fishing season. In a small valley in town there was a few homesteads scattered along the winding coastal road. As people started getting ready to set out for another day of fishing they noticed a red glow coming from outside. When people walked out to see what the light was or to simply get in their vehicle to work they described seeing a red glowing orb floating maybe 100m over a grassy field. It was spinning rapidly and in the shape of a strawberry. The funny thing is people gave it a good hard look and then got right back to getting ready for crab fishing. I was told there is a photo floating around somewhere but nobody knows who has it.

Maybe a tall tale, maybe a real sighting, it's hard to tell. But Nova Scotia has been a hotbed of UFO and USO activity for quite some time.

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