Anyone got any ideas what I saw?

This was August of 2016. I was camping, so there was a pretty wide and clear view of the sky. I saw two things I'd like an opinion on. 1. There was a star that I happened to be looking at when it slowly moved straight up in the sky for about 3 to 5 seconds, then disappeared. Not necessarily unusual, but the pattern repeated itself two more times, starting in the same exact spot in the sky each time. 2. I saw a flashing light, brighter, and whiter than the stars. Like comparing halogen headlights to regular headlights. It was one quick bright flash, then another, about 5 or 6. But they were in very different parts of the sky, in random directions. I asked my friend if he'd seen it, he hadn't. A bit later, the same exact thing happened, only this time he saw it. He'd never had a weird experience in his life and all he could say was how he couldn't believe it, he's never seen anything like it. Thoughts?

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