so long story short I learned and tried steven greers ce5 (close encounters of the 5th kind) (I also saw some grey looking beings with antennas (while my eyes were closed in meditation position) with heart shapes at the ends,I thought they were for decoration purposes personally,the hearts) meditation in 2017 and afterwards I saw what appeared to be a photon about the size of a medium marbell (so large it could fit in the palm of your hands) and I was so scared and paralyzed with fear that I just didn't move (although looking back I feel like I should have touched it) , now heres the really honest part, I had smoked weed prior to this, becuz I feel it elevates the meditation, and evertytime I do the 30 minute meditation I loose the majority of my high

for years I've wanted to tell someone without sounding crazy

My most recent experience was in 2019 (also high) Out of nowhere a cluster of photons started appearing, I touched them,only this time my hands couldn't.

What are these photons?

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